TICP (The Israel Cartoon Project) is a platform for leading Israeli cartoonists and pro-Israeli cartoonists from around the world. The project was created with one goal in mind; telling the world what Israel is really all about.
Many Israelis and indeed, many Jews, encounter complex advocacy challenges in the face of global Anti-Israeli Campaigns, TICP was created as a result of the need for a creative new approach to those issues.
One of our main challenges is creating as much ‘buzz’ as the other side in light of the fact that we are heavily

outnumbered. We strive to increase the reach of Israeli advocacy and its ability to captivate and engage different target audience groups, giving Israel a chance for a fair fight in that arena.

By Vladik Sandler

Project founders and managers: Uri Fink, Shai Charka, Yossi Klar and Asaf Finkelstein of the organization Art for Israel (.אמנות למען ישראל ע.ר).